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There are two sanctuaries; the small and ancient one, and the large.

The small sanctuary
In the XVth century, a prayer chapel dedicated to Notre Dame of the woods.

Destroyed during the religious wars, it was replaced at the beginning of the XVIIth century by a small sanctuary, as a token aof the gratitude expressed by the inhabitants of Marsanne for the protection of our Lady.

It was dedicated to Notre Dame of Good Help
During the French Revolution it was destroyed, but rebuilt in 1803 and put bak into honor in 1855.

In 1860 it the chapel was abandonned for the new and greater sancuary. However, in 1925 it was again restored and re-consacrated.

The great sanctuary
Built during the middle of the XIXth century, you may feel surprised as you enters due to "the commitee of greetings: two canons

They were offered as souvenir of the 8th of September 1855: The Malakoff victory occured on the same day as the crowning of Our Lady of Fresneau.

On each side of the nave: Jesus the Holy Heart and Joseph.

To the right of the entrance, a reliquary containing the relics of the Holy Priest of Ars, Jean-Marie Vianney ( a gift from Jean B. Vianney).


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