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This church, of the Saint who has given his name to the village, situated 4 kilometres from saint Paul Trois Chanteau, in the south of Drôme, belongs to the Parish of St Marcellin Champagnat in Tricastin.

The church has two parts: to the west, the part situated above the tomb of Saint Restitut, called "the funeral tower", dated from the XIth century. To the west; the church itself, said to be from the XIIth century. The church has hardly ever suffered from rebuildnings, so it is still of roman rural style from Provence, with a bell- wall.

Saint Restitut himself would be the blind born from the Gospel, "Sidoine".

The plan of the church is rectangular with one single nave. The entrance is of antique inspiration, crowned with a great arch inspired by the Roman monuments.

Before entering; notice the tops of the colonnades representing old men, one laughing, one serious.


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